Things to do on the stalking website.

  1. Sign up an account
  2. Deposit BURST into your account with an unencrypted message. One notification will cost you 10 BURST.
  3. Go to the stalking page, and add the address that you wish to stalk.
    1. In the URL column, Add your base address. e.g (
    2. In the params column, Add parameters. e.g (value={amountNQT}&senderRS={senderRS}). These values will be replaced by the transactions.
  4. That is all you need to do here to start stalking

Things to do on your own website.

  1. Setup a php listener to listen to anyone calling your website.
  2. Handle your logic.
  3. Return {"errorCode" : 0, "SUCCESS" : 1} if everything went well, otherwise we will try to send the weburl again.

List of open source scripts can be found at

I can be contacted on BURSTNATION.COM for any queries.